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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between onsite application and wallpaper?

          An onsite application of our textured Venetian Plaster is a monolith without any seams. It can
          have more 3D texture and be executed in synthetic Venetian plaster or lime-based plaster.
          The patterns are stenciled on which allows for a thicker layer. It is installed by our artisans
          directly onto the walls, each stencil is hand applied and washed in between each use.

          The Venetian plaster wallpaper should be installed by a professional wallpaper hanger. We
          developed our first wallpapers with synthetic Venetian plaster that is hand printed with a silkscreen;
          a technique that we continue to use and have refined over time. Silkscreen process allows our
          patterns to have more intricate details and to register multiple colors. In most instances the
          wallpaper repeats so that the seams match. Some patterns with mica have shading which
          allows each panel to be visible and and some install like grass-cloth.

Is wallpaper cheaper than on site application?

         Not necessarily. Our signature finishes are created with many layers incorporating harmonious
         colors, gilding, waxes and mica. These are complex and require multiple hand applied layers. At times the handmade
         wallpaper is more involved than some on-site applications.

What is the difference between synthetic plaster and lime-based plaster?

          Synthetic plaster is a modern invention that is made with marble dust and a water-based
          synthetic binder. This makes the plaster durable and flexible which subsequently makes it the

          optimum product for wallpaper. [Lime plaster is too brittle for paper and would crack when rolled.]

          We use a high-quality engineer synthetic plaster that is applied with a flexible metal blade in multiple
          translucent layers. It can be waxed and burnished to a high sheen or buffed to a satin finish.

          Lime-based plasters are traditional, natural material that has been used for centuries. It is made
          of slaked lime and marble powder. It is troweled on with a stiff metal tool by a skilled artisan. It comes in fine grain
          Venetian Plaster, thicker Marmorino, and a grittier Carrera plaster. It also is available as a
          lime paint that is applied with a chunky rectangular brush. All lime base products are applied
          over a special mineral primer. They are environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic.

         Note: At Asterisk Designs we use both lime-based and synthetic products depending on the

Why sell wallpaper in panels and not rolls?

         Cutting the wallpaper in panels allows us to keep a high standard of quality control and reduces waste.

         It allows the designer to order the length that is most efficient for the project. 

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