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When Celeste and William founded Asterisk Designs 25 years ago, they had no idea the wonderful response their work would receive. Early projects included palatial estates that only the lucky few get to step inside. They were humbled to work along side artisans from a vast variety of disciplines who came from all over the world to join in the mission of finely crafted excellence. Being immersed in this world of refined design was an education that swiftly launched Asterisk into a high level of aesthetic endeavors. Their innovative custom finishes for boutique hotels and the glamorous world of couture fashion houses solidified their presence in the high end design world. They have been fortunate to work with world-renowned architects and interior designers who constantly challenge them to elevate their designs and delve into investigations of new materials. Asterisk Designs continues to collaborate with thoughtful, creative designers who understand the time and craftsmanship necessary to realize their vision.   

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